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We build custom voices and design systems for the world's leading brands by blending AI, design, branding and technology.

Voice Casting, Contracting and Text-to-speech development and consultancy. Global Voice Data production. Process automation, strategy and optimization. Integrate AI to optimize processes and elevate products.

Many design systems are visually orientated. We’ll enrich and add value by creating a system that includes voice and sound assets, guidelines and strategy to ensure cohesive, consistent and efficient design and development.

A brand is more than just a logo and visual identity. We’ll craft a distinct Voice Brand and Sonic identity, create assets, and establish clear brand guidelines to maintain consistency across all touchpoints through speech.

Our audio engineers and producers are committed to achieving audible and performance excellence. We excell at producing speech data and voice content in the best studios around the world.

We are known for our data-driven and knowledgable approach and methodologies. We don’t just do things, we leverage perceptual research and acoustic analysis to substantiate or disprove design recommendations.


User research, usability testing, acoustic analysis, prototyping, speech data production, speech model training and deployment are just a few of the key components we focus on to help you create a stronger brand and successful products and services.


For us, the user experience is most important. We focus on the user. It’s the base of everything we do at Voice Branding. We began in Amsterdam as a traditional voice agency. We rapidly expanded our services to digital products and emerging technologies that could automate and optimize user experiences. But that’s not all. We love that fact that we can make products and services more inclusive and convenient for users.


We work on various voice branding projects. We often design Voice Brands and new voices together with design teams. And we also do redesign and rebranding projects that update existing assets. In the past year we’ve been very busy defining voice branding strategies for global brands, and creating custom text-to-speech voices for multiple applications.


We’re a voice branding company that believes using the right voice and speaking styles can effectively optimize a user experience and even turn customers into ambassadors.  Good design leads to memorable experiences and better conversion rates. That’s why, unlike other voice agencies, we have sound designers, engineers, UX/UI designers, and strategists collaborating on projects.

We excel at converting creative energy into practical, result-driven, and delivery-orientated design.

There are many capable voice agencies in Europe alone and even more worldwide. Each with a unique workflow.

So, what makes us different from other agencies? Our unique methodological and data-driven way of working. Our craft, engineering skills, and quality of work. Our transparent and flexible way of closely working together with our clients.

In all facets of the design and strategy process, we are driven by data, feedback, and methodologies specified on context and our client’s unique use cases.


We design simple and smart voice branding assets to represent and amplify your brand. On top of that, our team is multidisciplinary. We have UX/UI designers, strategists, audio engineers, and data analysts. 

We merge creative design, data analysis, and strategic skills in our design process, unlike other traditional design and voice agencies.

Yes and, we certainly will. We’re known to combine superior speech data production with creativity and intelligent solutions for creating a custom text-to-speech voice. 


Our production methods are well thought out and tested. We make sure to record and produce speech data while we consistently monitor talent performance to capture pre-defined speaking styles that represent that brand.  This is how we create high quality on-brand speech datasets that we can use to train speech models and deploy API’s. 


We maintain close relationships and partnetships with industry leading text to speech companies to make sure your text-to-speech voice is created with the best ai models out there. We see it as our job to inform you and advise you about the pro’s and con’s of various potentail speech services we can utilize to get the best possible results.   


We believe flexibility and ownership is key. We believe that our clients should be able to change re-train their speech model whenever a better solution presents itself in the market.

Yes, we do. We position ourselves as a voice branding agency for the digital and voice-driven era. We believe in consistent and efficient design. We help our clients to define and exploit effective, sustainable and cohesive voice branding systems.


We are tech-savvy, unlike other traditional design agencies. Our branding capabilities are data-driven and include research, brand strategy, personality- and perceptual studies. We design brand voices, speaking styles, voice branding guidelines, development and implementation strategies, etc…


Often our clients provide us with a brand strategy or the complete brand identity guidelines. We use this as the foundation and make sure we extend and enrich the brand identity while staying true to the design and brand strategy.

Our pricing is directly related to the project timeline, deliverables, scope, and team composition. When a project is dynamic and not set in stone, our pricing is based on an hourly rate, where you pay us for the time and materials we spent. Most of our projects have fixed price agreements, which are based on a detailed proposal. 

For example, a typical project with a design agency could take ten weeks and cost €50k to €200k. We will create personalized rates for your project depending on the required team size for the time, deliverables, and engagements. Junior designers are charged €105 per hour, and design executives are paid €195 per hour. We also have discounted pricing for startups. To get a quote, please send us an email.

As an Amsterdam‑based voice design agency, we partner with startups globally. We adore bringing ideas to life with creativity that amplifies the founder’s ideology. We enjoy fast, flexible, and agile environments that challenge our skills and design process. Reach out to us and ask for our startup rates.

Yes, yes, yes! We are up for the challenge. We are one of the few agencies that love to enrich and re-design strategies and designs that are already in place. 


Re-designing is a skill that requires creativity and simplicity without losing the brand’s core identity, assets, and strategies in place—transformation without losing the brand associations you’ve already build. 


Over the years, we’ve refined our design methodology, especially for re-design projects. Each re-design project starts with a comprehensive exploration and analysis process to thoroughly immerse ourselves in the brand, its assets, previous strategies, and project data.


Our services range from acoustic analysis and sonic data exploration to UX/UI voice design, prototyping, and user testing, as well as full voice branding and custom text-to-speech development. 


Our design agency often works side-by-side with in-house design teams or innovative departments, enabling us to work and move fast and act as an independent entity avoiding large organisations’ bureaucracy.

Our design philosophy is based on design thinking, which enables us to be adaptable to almost any project and form of collaboration. Although each project is different, we still go through the same main stages:

  • Discovery & research
  • Design prototyping and defining valuable hypothesis.
  • Testing
  • Data analysis
  • Design optimization
  • Developement
  • Quality assesment and evaluation
  • Deployment, guidelines & strategy implementation.

Please send us an email first with a brief description of your project or an RFI/RFP. We respond within 24 hours to set up an introduction call and to answer any pressing questions.


We’ll ask a couple of questions about the project objectives, demographics, budget, timeframe, and other relevant details on our first call.


We start with a call to learn as much as possible about the project. Based on this information, we try to estimate the project’s costs as accurately as possible in a proposal that includes a detailed description of the design approach, the project’s stages, deliverables, activities, touch-points, team, and other relevant details. 

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